New Contracting newspaper writer Abdurrahman Dilipak from social media accounts, Turkey Journalists from the League (TGC) announced that it has been exported.

the ACK, in sharing his Twitter account gave the following statements:

” Turkey Journalists’ Society, “AK Daisies of the Party” and “id should not you believe titled” I articles were exported because personally I who olduğunuzt has unanimously. “

the Turkey Journalists in the statement on the export of the Society took place the following statements :

“Dear Abdurrahman Dilipak, due to the article you wrote in Yeni Akit Newspaper, a disciplinary investigation was initiated against you, your defense was requested, it was seen that you did not send your defense within the given time frame, and asked for additional time through the lawyer. TGC Board of TGC Charter and the Societies has submitted to the Law on long enough to be judged by your file TGC Board of Honor.

TGC Honor Committee September 8, 2020 on Tuesday, has evaluated your files collected in Turkey Journalists Association. Your article dated July 27, 2020 accusing women who defend the Istanbul Convention of prostitution and your article dated August 13, 2020 titled ‘You shouldn’t believe it’ to defend this article were discussed by the Honor Board. At the meeting, it was determined that the columns “AK Party’s Daisies” dated 27 July 2020 and “Shouldn’t you believe it?” Published in Yeni Akit Newspaper were against the clauses a and g of the 11th article of TGC Statute regulating the termination of membership. Each of your two articles of the Declaration of the Rights and Responsibilities of the Turkey Journalists’ D-journalist is located under the heading Basic Tasks 2, 3, 4, 5 number of substances; It has been determined that you have violated the articles “Woman, Sexual Orientation and Sexual Identity” under the heading of the Journalist’s Code of Conduct. TGC Honorary Board; ‘AK Party Daisy’ and ‘Disbelief you were Should not you?’ Titled the TGC Regulation, Turkey Journalists’ Rights and Responsibilities of the Declaration on human rights, women’s rights, has found against the professional honor and dignity; it has come to the view that you do not abandon hate speech, but defend it and continue. For these reasons, it has decided unanimously that you should be removed from your possession. TGC Board of Directors approved the decision of the Honorary Board in its meeting held on September 9, 2020 and decided that you should be removed from your possession. ”

The meeting date of İYİ Party has been announced. Politics

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