The 11th hearing of the ongoing hearing at the Antalya 6th High Criminal Court regarding the alleged incident in a primary school in the Kepez district was held today. Detained defendant Mahmut A.K. While participating with SEGBİS, the complainant parents, the representatives of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, the representative of the Antalya Bar Association Child Rights Center and the party lawyers were also present in the hall.

Defendant Mahmut A.K. He refused to accept the accusation on his defense and said, “The place the victims claim is the classroom environment. Such incidents cannot happen in the environment where there are many students.” horrible death in! On iron molds düştütürki to

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asked faces up to 800 years

The prosecutor of the trial describing the deliberations, the defendant against 27 children ‘qualified sexual abuse’ charges that he brought the conviction that the process by specifying the teacher’s 800 years imprisonment

While the hearing was adjourned, Saadet Teacher Association for Combating Child Abuse made a press statement at the exit. Speaking on behalf of the association, lawyer Hilal Özlem Çağlar said that they wanted to establish specialized courts as soon as possible. yeni giriş adresi oldu. giriş sonrası %100 Hoşgeldin bonusları sunuyor.

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  2. bedelini says: Abdullahi Shehu, Umut Meraş (Burak Kapacak dk. 80), Bogdan Stancu

  3. ilk says: topla buluşan Doukara’nın şutunda kaleci meşin yuvarlağı kornere çeldi.

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