Halis Karataş, the jockey who broke track records with his horse named Bold Pilot, whose life story and the championships he won were the subject of the movie “Champion”, had a great reaction when he punched the horse named ‘Arts Man’.

Halis Karataş He made two statements one after the other on the day of the incident, apologized to everyone who stated that he was wrong, and said that he would not ride a horse of his own decision for a month and promised that he would give the bonus he would receive to the animal protection associations if he was awarded in the Gazi Race.

News from the hero! .. She was 10 years old! .. was lost, lifeless body was found in irrigation canals! Turkey

the Board of Commissioners gathered at the Veliefendi, the jockey starting from July 31, gave the sentence to 60 days horse riding. Karataş’s defense was found insufficient. The famous jockey will not be able to enter the racing facilities during his penalty.

“After being sure that I will not make such a mistake, I will consider riding a horse again” Halis Karataş announced that he decided not to ride a horse for 1 month from 1 September without waiting for the penalty to be given to him after the incident. and he said: “My love for horses, which made me Halis Karataş and gave me a successful career, has caused me to rebel against all the mistreatment of these unique creatures until today.

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Attention they will go out! .. Meteorology warned! .. Take your precaution. ! Turkey

I’m sure this is why today can assign an albeit with pain across my be the one who mistreated extremely sorry that 33 years of my career along well that everybody knows that I thousand before and upset caring how horses.

Therefore, I even questioned whether to ride a horse in the Gazi Race to be held on Sunday, but it is a great opportunity for them to be left without a jockey 3 days before the race. I was convinced that there would be indecision.

Please consider this as an excuse for horse riding in the race. In order to show my sincerity in this matter, I would like to say that I will donate the coats I will win in the Gazi Race to the animal protection associations if I rank.

Fishermen said ‘vira bismillah’. Life

I also decided not to ride for 1 month from September 1, without waiting for the punishment to be given to me. During this time I hope to confront myself and find out what prompted me to make such a mistake. However, I will consider riding again after making sure that I will not make such a mistake no matter what happens “ yeni giriş adresi oldu. giriş sonrası %100 Hoşgeldin bonusları sunuyor.

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