Samsun Provincial Health Director Dr. Lecturer Member Muhammet Ali Oruç said, “We visited 2 thousand 290 households in the last 20 days in Samsun. Among them, we could not find 262 positive or contact persons at their home. Necessary legal proceedings were initiated.”

Provincial service in Samsun The filection and mobile inspection teams affiliated to the Health Directorate spend intensive work every day to prevent the spread of the pandemic by going door to door. Continued below

The person should be isolated in house control and was also engaged in the treatment of 19 units that do not meet the mobile inspection teams isolation have identified 262 people.

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282 people were recorded because they did not comply with the isolation rules or the mask rules in the house and apartment. Provincial Health Director Oruç, who made a statement on the subject, said, “In Samsun, our mobile inspection teams are Our 19 mobile audit team goes to their homes daily to see whether positive or contact patients are at home, if they comply with their treatment, and if there are any symptoms.

Within the scope of these studies, 2 thousand 290 within the last 20 days. We visited our house and we could not find 262 people in their homes among them, and we kept minutes of 282 people among them. We kept minutes because they did not obey the syon rules or the mask rules in the house and apartment. We sent these minutes to the relevant local authorities and initiated the necessary legal proceedings. ”

” Fine up to 3 thousand 150 TL “ If positive or contact persons need to be treated in the hospital, Underlining that they invested, Oruç said, “Positive cases should be isolated at home. As our Ministry of Health said, positive cases will be isolated in homes. If they need treatment in the hospital, we are already hospitalizing them.

If the dismissal ban is not extended, it ends on September 17. Economy

It will be difficult to prevent a pandemic if positive or contact persons leave the house. Under the coordination of the Governorship of Samsun, we closely follow the people who need to be isolated at home together with all law enforcement officers. Here, a fine of up to 3 thousand 150 TL is written within the framework of the legal regulations regarding those who violate the isolation. We want everyone to be sensitive about this issue. We expect everybody to help us on this issue. We learned that he left the house when he should have been at home and that he will go on an intercity trip. Thanks to the attention of our teams, we took this citizen without getting on the bus. We insulated it again in his house. We see such cases a lot. We see our citizens who go to markets, pharmacies or their neighbors and accept patient visits. Let’s be sensitive “used expressions.

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