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In the statement made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it was reminded that it is in the period of controlled normalization in the fight against the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, during this period, provinces are divided into low, medium, high and very high risk groups according to the number of cases and measures are determined according to these level groups. .

In the new process, the curfew restrictions continue throughout the country between 21.00-05.00 hours, and on weekends, the curfew in the provinces in the low and medium risk group is at high and very high risk between 21.00-05.00, as in the week. In the provinces of the group, it was reminded that it was applied between 21.00 on Friday and 05.00 on Saturday and from 21.00 on Saturday, covering the whole Sunday and ending at 05.00 on Monday.

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In this context, in the statement that judicial or administrative proceedings were applied to 25 thousand 372 people who violated the curfew between March 8-15, “We have We thank our beloved nation for the patience, sacrifice and understanding it has shown in this process. ” statements were included. yeni adresi oldu. kısa süre önce değişen adresini kullanabilirsiniz. ancak daha kaliteli bahis için betpas platformunu öneriyoruz.

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