Loic Remy, whose name is known as the giants of the Super League for many years, was transferred to Rizespor at the beginning of the season.

The world famous star started the season spectacularly and was born from the ashes by scoring 6 goals in 10 Super League matches.


The French striker, who caught coronavirus in his most fit period, could not return to the fields afterwards. While the Rize club has not made any statements about the player since then, Remy has not appeared in the middle since the 11th week. So what’s the latest on Remy?


Remy, whose groin injury also recurred when he got coronavirus, was working with his physiotherapist even in quarantine. However, the pain of the 33-year-old footballer did not go away, although he sometimes participated in fieldwork and tried himself, he did not allow him to play the pain. Problems can not find the remedy in Turkey Remy’s taking permission from the club to see his doctor in Germany, reportedly left the city.

It was stated here that Remy, who was decided to undergo surgery and underwent surgery, will stay away from the fields for at least 8 weeks.

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