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The incident took place on Fener Caddesi, in the Muratpaşa district, around 22.30. An unidentified Syrian citizen stopped next to a container on Fener Street with his engine to collect garbage. Allegedly at that time Ö.B. (18), the transit van under his administration hit the engine of a Syrian man who was standing to collect garbage. Getting out of the vehicle right after the accident, Ö. B., A. R. and H. Ç. Battered the Syrian national. After the beating, they took stones and sticks and hit the head of the Syrian citizen.

The suspects then passed over the motorcycle with their pickup trucks. Again, allegedly, 3 persons tried to burn the motorcycle and fled the scene. Seeing the situation, the citizens of the environment informed the fire department, police and medical teams. The medical teams, who came to the scene in a very short time, made the first intervention to the seriously injured Syrian man and took him to Atatürk State Hospital by ambulance. The police started an operation to catch the people fleeing the scene.

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Based on the information provided by the citizens of the neighborhood, the teams found the truck parked on 1907th Street. In a very short time, Ö. Caught on the 1907th street in B. Another suspect, A. B., was caught on the street in 1977, while the search for H. Ç. continues.


The eyewitness sitting on the street where Ö.B. was caught said, “I was making coffee, I saw it from the kitchen. I heard noise, noise. I wanted to see who he was. 2-3 people came over me. Then they started to flee to the field. My brother caught one of them and laid them on the ground. Police teams came and intervened later, but the children seemed a little drunk. They were talking out of balance, ”he said.

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