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In the second week of UEFA Europa League Group D, Fenerbahçe lost 3-0 to Olympiakos, the Greek representative they hosted.

Fenerbahçe, which started the match played at Ülker Stadium under pressure, lost 1-0 with the goal of Soares in the 6th minute of the guest team’s extremely fast attack. The yellow-dark blue team, who gathered after the golden and captured positions on top of each other, could not change the score and went to the dressing room with the guest team’s 1-0 superiority.

A shot by the yellow-dark blue team with Dimitris Pelkas, who started the second half effectively, returned from the post in the 56th minute. Fenerbahce, who was shocked by Masouras’ second goal in the 63rd minute of the match, could not prevent the same name’s goal in the 68th minute and left the field with a 3-0 defeat.

Yellow-dark blue team remained 1 point in their group with this result, while Olympiakos increased their score to 6.

Whistle then clap for Gustavo

As Fenerbahçe’s experienced Brazilian midfielder Luiz Gustavo left the game, some of the stands reacted, while others supported him.

Gustavo, who made some turnovers during the match, was replaced by Miha Zajc in the 70th minute, while some of the stands protested by whistling the player while he was leaving the game.

Some of the stands reacting to this, supported the experienced name with applause.

Reaction to Mert Hakan


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Yellow-dark blue tribunes reacted to Fenerbahçe’s national football player Mert Hakan Yandaş.

Mert Hakan, who was replaced by Max Meyer in the 75th minute of the match, protested by whistling while leaving the game.

Mert Hakan, on the other hand, responded to this reaction of the stands with applause and supported his friend who entered the game.

Zajc took the stage after 4 matches

Fenerbahce’s Slovenian player Miha Zajc regained her uniform after a break of 4 matches.

Zajc, who made a good start to the season and was out of his jersey after his injury, was replaced by Luiz Gustavo in the 70th minute of the match.

Szalai-Min-jae limp

The favorite names of Fenerbahçe’s defense, Attila Szalai and Kim Min-jae, had a hard time against Olympiakos.

In the first goal scored by the visitors, Szalai lost the leather ball and had to give his opponent a sudden attack opportunity.

Min-jae, on the other hand, made a timing error in some positions, causing his opponent to find a position.

The two names, who have been very popular since the beginning of the season, fell short of expectations in this match.

Altay Bayındır received applause

Fenerbahçe’s young goalkeeper Altay Bayındır was applauded by the stands.

There were cheers in the stands in favor of Altay, who made effective saves despite conceding 3 goals against Olympiakos.



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