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Galatasaray Coach Fatih Terim has a suitor from France… Jean-Michel Aulas, who has been the owner and president of Olympique Lyon since 1987, is very disturbed by the fact that the team is doomed to the middle places this season and has unstable results.

It was stated that Aulas, who was learned to have a meeting with the coach of the team, Peter Bosz, is preparing to leave, and aims to determine the new coach in this process. Aulas, who contacted a French management company, stated that he wanted to see a very strong coach at the head of the team and stated that Fatih Terim was number 1 in the list.

‘Fatih Terim, King of Football!’

While Aulas gave full authority to the managers to negotiate with Fatih Terim, it was agreed that the experienced teacher could not be persuaded by money, but would consider this offer if the project and transfer authorization were given. It is among the news that Jean-Michel Aulas used the term “Le Roi Du Football”, meaning “King of Football”, for the term in this meeting.


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Lyon is in the 10th place with 13 points in the French League, which has 9 weeks left, and is 11 points behind the leader PSG. It has been learned that President Aulas will part ways with Bosz after determining the new teacher, therefore the negotiations will continue for a while.

Not working in Europe for 20 years

It is a matter of curiosity how 68-year-old Fatih Terim, who started a new project with Burak Elmas, who took the chair in Galatasaray in June, will respond to a possible offer from Lyon.

Fatih Terim, who took the helm of Fiorentina after winning the UEFA Cup with Galatasaray in 2000 and became the coach of Milan in 2001 with his success here, has not coached a foreign team for 20 years.

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