Ömer Çelik’s tweets are as follows:

“Macron said,” Our problem is not with the Turkish people, but with Erdogan. This is an old and immoral game of the colonists. They would show false love to exploit the peoples, but target the patriotic leaders. We are proud that the colonialist head is targeting our President.

We have trouble with colonial minds like you, Mr. Macron. We have a humanitarian and fraternal bond with the rights you suffer and the peoples you want to exploit. That’s why we are facing you. Turkey is the country where you use threatening language. Turkey will give you the appropriate answers.

You Mr. Macron don’t confuse this place with the tribal states you can easily fool. No one can afford to separate the elected President of this country from its people. We know that you played the game you played by saying “Erdogan is separate, Turkish people are separate” in Africa many times.

It is Macron who made a state like France to the current failure situation. Macron is trying to cover up his inability to rule France with foreign policy aggression. Macron is responsible for Haftar’s mass graves.

Macron is now trying to play the colonial game in the Eastern Mediterranean using Greece. He is trying to carry the game he has tried and ruined in Syria to the Mediterranean. Our President is targeting our President because he does not allow this aggression.

Everything Macron has said about our President since taking office was also wrong. He fell into a failure in foreign policy that can no longer be explained by inexperience. Macron is running to failure with PKK / PYD in Syria, Haftar in Libya, with Greece in the Mediterranean.

Let Macron know this well, a statement that separates our President from our nation is a rotten approach from the beginning. President of Turkey, Turkey. Those who say “Erdogan is separate, Turkish people are separate” will get historical answers on this subject too.

Macron continues with colonialism, and our President continues to defend the interests of the oppressed peoples, protect the peace and disrupt the colonists’ games. This is all it takes. “

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