The boss of Digital Arts, Mustafa Uslu, whose films Ayla, Müslüm, Çiçero and Naim have made a tremendous impression, is preparing to create a film that will be talked about once again. Uslu is shooting the movie of Ömer Halisdemir this time.

It is not yet clear who will portray Ömer Halisdemir in the movie “My Name is Ömer Halisdemir”, directed by Yasin Uslu and written by Pınar Aksakallı and Mert Dikmen.

in the coming days, which will begin shooting the film also features contemporary Honor Ozturk, Ahmet Saracoglu and Parker knowledge is spoken to take the role.

Cars flew to the irrigation canal: 1 ölütürki to

the first Murat Ünalmış for film was mentioned but Unalmış could not take part in the film because it coincided with the filming of “Once Upon a Time Çukurova”.

Who is Ömer Halisdemir?

Ömer, who comes from a family with seven children. Halisdemir spent his childhood in the town of Çukurkuyu in Bor, Niğde. He worked as a shepherd in Çukurkuyu after school. From her marriage to Hatice Halisdemir, she had two children named Elifnur and Doğan Ertuğrul. Turkish Armed took place in various positions inside and outside the borders of Turkey within the Force. According to the information quoted by his father, Hasan Hüseyin Halisdemir, he had previously served in Afghanistan with the commander Semih Terzi, whom he killed during the July 15 coup attempt.

15 July hero Ömer Halisdemir

15 July During the coup attempt in 2016, he killed Brigadier General Semih Terzi, the Special Forces Deputy Commander, who was trying to enter the Special Forces Command, on the order he received from the Special Forces Commander Lieutenant General Zekai Aksakallı. Thereupon, Major Fatih Şahin and Lieutenant Mihrali Atmaca, one of the guards of Semih Terzi, ended Halisdemir’s life with thirty bullets. Later, pro-coup petty officers Nedim Şahin and Gökmen Ata were captured dead; Thirty-six of them were taken over and arrested by the Gölbaşı Magistrate Judge’s Office.

Soldiers affiliated to the Special Forces Command, who participated in the Operation Euphrates Shield, which started on August 24, 2016, wore epaulettes with the words “Martyr Ömer Halisdemir” on their uniforms.

Memoir of Ömer Halisdemir

The spot where Halisdemir was hit was protected with a special coating and decorated with flowers. Dursun Ali Erzincanlı wrote a poem named “30 Birds” in reference to him after the murder of Halisdemir and a clip was shot for this poem. A short film with the same name as the poem “30 Birds” about Ömer Halisdemir was also made. In August 2016, a statue with a base and body length of 4.60 meters was erected in the Martyrs Park in Toroslar, Mersin. Later, many occurred in Turkey, street, his name was given to the schools and student dormitories. In addition, a memorial forest was created for him in Niğde and the university was named after the city’s university.

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