Bursa Orhaneli Road Near Doğancı Mahallesi, a landslide occurred this morning in the area where the retaining wall is under construction. Upon the notice, a large number of gendarmes, AFAD, fire brigade and medical teams were dispatched to the region.

The car of Süleyman Sarı (70), who was waiting for the construction machines in the region, was buried under the rocks and stones thrown into the road in the landslide. Yellow lost his life

. The lifeless body of the Guardian Sarı was removed from the car by the teams and taken to Çekirge State Hospital Morgu by ambulance.

Bursa-Orhaneli and Bursa-Keles roads, which were closed to traffic due to the landslide, where 2 parked work machines became unusable, After 4 hours of work of the teams, it was opened unilaterally.

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The crazy football player went to the tribunes and fought with the fans.

“On 15.09.2020, around 05.40, a landslide occurred as a result of rock fragments falling on the road at the 12th kilometer of the Orhaneli-Keles Highway, and 2 excavators belonging to a private company and a worker named SS, who was working as a guard in the vehicle, died as a result of falling on one vehicle. Olaya (2) J.Asyş.Timi, (2) J.Trf.Timi, (2) JAK Team, (1) J.Oyit Team, (2) AFAD Team, (2) Ambulance and (2) Fire Brigade (43) personnel intervened in the incident. The landslide clearance works are continuing and the road has been opened to traffic unilaterally. ”

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