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Saying that Ali Şansalan’s only right decision was the penalty he gave against them, Koç said, “I call to my fans, stay calm. You say hit the table, hang, cut, whistle. This team played with 10 players for 80 minutes with overtime, until the last drop of sweat. “Perhaps the referee’s only correct decision was a penalty.” He said.

Fenerbahce shared the event after the defeat to TrabzonSports

“To pull the operation…”

Given to Kim Stating that the course of the game changed after the red card, Koç said, “If you had sent someone here to do an operation with ulterior motives, there would have been a referee performance like this. If this match had been played 11 vs. 11, we would not have won here. Referee disgrace in Turkish football is now accepted as the norm. “This will not go on like this, we will fight for it. Not only me, but also others say how crazy this system is. The whole course and course of the game has changed after the card given to Kim. The thing that bothers me the most is the referee’s approach to Fenerbahce players, their facial expressions.” … Does his gestures reveal the team he is holding? It has come to this point.”

Meteorology announced: It ends on WednesdayTurkey

“Are they trying to create an atmosphere of chaos”


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Super Lig Ali Koç, who also criticized the referee’s decisions in the Rize – Galatasaray match played in the 8th week, said, “Rize – Galatasaray match, not my place, but Galatasaray concedes a goal, net foul. Galatasaray scores the 3rd goal, net foul, 2-3 fouls. The match is 8 minutes. He stretched out, puts 4 more minutes behind him, gives 3-4 corners. Are they trying to create an atmosphere of chaos?”

Hande Yener is in redMagazine

“What are these guys trying to do!”

Indicating that they will stand by their team as a community, Koç said, “Now it’s ‘Ali Maçalan’, not Ali Şansalan. Now it’s time to act, it’s time to rise up, I’m calling out to my community. I hear that preparations are being made to go to Sabiha Gökçen. Do it. Take care of this team. We cannot change all referees overnight, but until we bring these referees to the performance we want. We can minimize the chaotic environment, the institution of trust. We have been chopped for two years. One way or another, this system will change. What are these guys trying to do? Is it that hard? We are probably the only country whose referee performance has gone backwards after technology came. Technology has arrived, we can’t even use it. ”

Derin Talu is on the agenda again with the photo he sharedMagazine

“They have officially killed us”

The referee’s decisions have been very negative for the last two years. Noting that they were impressed, Koç said, “I am calling out to the Fenerbahce community. Calm down, their roots will be cleared.


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