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Match result: Galatasaray 1-0 Konyaspor

80′ With Serdar’s free kick from the left wing towards the front post, Hadziahmetovic directed the ball to the goal with his heel. The ball went away from the top.

70′ Galatasaray defense cleared the ball in the middle made by Bytyqi from the left wing.

64′ Guilherme took a free kick towards the penalty area, and Ahmet hit his head. The ball went out from the side.

61′ Babel hit the ball in the penalty area with Van Aanholt’s pass, and his shot returned from defense.

56′ Van Aanholt’s defense from the left diagonal towards the penalty spot cleared the ball away from the Konyaspor defense.

54′ Serdar, who met the ball turned into the penalty area from the left wing, did not allow the goal when Serdar came from close range, and Muslera did not allow the goal.

50′ In the middle made by Bytyqi from the left wing, Serdar took the ball right into the goal area. Alpaslan cleared the vacant ball.

46′ Assunçao replaces Taylan Antalyalı in Galatasaray.

46′ The second half has started.

First half result: Galatasaray 1-0 Konyaspor

40′ Once again, Halil stumbled into the penalty area and hit from the left diagonal. Sehic did not allow a goal in this position as well.

36′ Cicaldau’s free kick into the penalty area caught the ball in front of Mohamed. Mohamed turned right diagonally and hit. The ball went outside near the far post.

34′ Halil, who was put into the penalty area from the left wing, got away from his opponent and made his shot. The ball remained in the goalkeeper Sehic.


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31′ Ahmet met the ball on the front post in the middle of Halil’s left flank.

27′ Muslera controlled the ball, which was brought to the front post by Hadziahmetovic, who was put into the penalty area from the right wing by Skubic’s pass.

23′ Mohamed headshot Van Aanholt’s left-wing corner kick, but failed to direct the ball into the goal. Aut.

11′ Alpaslan met the ball in the middle of the left diagonal of Bytyqi.

7′ Konyaspor Technical Director İlhan Palut has also received a yellow card.

6′ Konyaspor’s Sehic has received a yellow card.

4′ Goal… Galatasaray 1-0 Konyaspor (Mohamed)

1′ The match has started.

Galatasaray hosts Konyaspor in the 9th week of the Super League.

The match started at 16.00 at Nef Stadium and referee Arda Kardeşler is in charge. The fight is broadcast live on beIN Sports.

Galatasaray, which experienced 4 wins, 2 draws and losses in the remaining part of the Super League, collected 14 points.

Unbeaten in the league, Konyaspor got 14 points as a result of 3 wins and 5 draws.


Galatasaray: Muslera, Yedlin, Nelsson, Alpaslan, Van Aanholt, Taylan, Cicaldau, Morutan, Kerem, Mostafa, Halil

Konyaspor: Sehic, Skubic, Ahmet, Abdulkerim, Guilherme, Rahmanovic, Hadziahmetovic, Oğulcan, Endri, Bytyqi, Serdar

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