Filming teams working in the fight against coronavirus in Rize determined that some patients who tested positive were hiding their contacts. The Provincial Directorate of Health also decided to test the people with a high probability of close contact, as well as those who have been contacted by the person who test positive.

In order to minimize the cases, the radiation teams will take samples from the people they deem appropriate from the apartment flats adjacent to the house where there are patients with positive results and from the citizens living in the detached houses in the neighborhood and village areas.


Rize Provincial Health Director Dr. Mustafa Tepe said that it has recently been determined that many positive citizens, despite insistence, do not adequately report the people they actually come into contact with and hide their names. Tepe stated the following:

“Although they think that they are favoring them by not reporting the people they come into contact with, it is never in favor of the person they do not report. For this reason, while it can be detected in a timely manner and both start early treatment and prevent them from infecting others and their loved ones, problems grow and suffer only because they are not notified. In our observations, it was determined that, despite the serious positive effect of the ongoing restrictions, the contamination occurred as a result of the visits of close relatives, friends and neighbors who did not stay in the same house to a large extent even during the days of restriction. In this respect, in order to minimize the spread of the virus and the negative impact of our people, samples will be taken from the people who are deemed appropriate by our radiation teams, both in the apartment and in the detached houses in the neighborhood and village areas, which are adjacent to the house where our patients or patients are positive. In other words, samples will be taken not only from those who have been contacted by the positive person, but also from those who are likely to have close contact in the environment. Because even the children of neighboring families can get viruses when they come into contact with each other. ”


Saying that this measure has begun to be implemented in order to better protect people and reduce the rate of spread of the virus, Tepe said, “We demand our citizens to fully support this practice that will benefit them. Although the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be visible, we have to be as cautious and cautious as ever, despite the possibility that the number of cases will increase again due to the cold winter days ahead of us. Let’s never and never complacent. The storm has passed, the danger has not passed yet, ”he said.

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