Open education high school student M.A. (18) started to work as an apprentice at the workplace of auto repair master Fatih Saka (35) at Karatay Motorlu Sanayi Sitesi in early July 2019, upon the recommendation. M.A. dropped one of his repair tools on the ground on July 7. Saka also beat M.A. with the timing belt, saying, “You’re dropping the materials and disturbing my concentration, you’re making me angry.” Injured in various parts of his body with his legs, M.A. went home with the help of his cousin after work. Realizing the situation, the family went to Özalkent Police Station and filed a complaint. Saka, who was taken into custody, did not accept the charges and claimed that the apprentice slandered him. Saka was released after his testimony.


The family’s lawyer objected to the release of Fatih Saka on the grounds that M.A.’s psychology was deteriorated due to violence. In M.A.’s health control, it was determined that there was a serious tissue damage to his legs and neck. In addition, M.A. was allowed to meet with the psychiatric delegation with the decision of the prosecutor. Stating that Fatih Saka hit him 30 or 40 times with the timing belt, M.A. noted that when he closed his eyes, he saw his master in front of him, had a sleep problem, and when he slept, he cried in his dream saying ‘Don’t hit the master’. Thereupon, M.A. began to receive psychological treatment. Fatih Saka was also detained for the second time in September and was arrested by the court where he was taken to the courthouse where he was transferred, on the charge of ‘persecution against the child’.


Fatih Saka, who was sued in Konya 5th Criminal Court of First Instance for ‘torturing and deliberately injuring the child’, claimed that he had only 2 slaps, not accepting the charges at the first hearing. After his defense was taken, Fatih Saka was released on the grounds of the nature and nature of the crime he was charged with, the duration of his detention and the fact that the evidence was largely collected and there was no possibility of obscuring him.


Fatih Saka, who was tried without arrest, appeared before the judge for the last time in the hearing of the case. The court board sentenced Saka to 2 years and 6 months in prison on the grounds that it fell within the scope of ‘deliberate injury’ by counting the timing belt that he beat M.A. as a ‘weapon’, stating that he carried out his action with a gun. The delegation reduced the sentence to 2 years and 1 month, taking into account Saka’s ‘good condition’ at the hearing.

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